"I've been going to Jen for massages for years now and I can honestly say I come away feeling amazing each time! Not only does she put you at ease, making it easy to just relax and unwind, but her in-depth knowledge about human biology and the connection between mind and body leaves you reassured that you are (literally) in very good hands. As someone who suffers from inflammatory arthritis in my back, going to someone who has an understanding about my condition is crucial; I trust Jen completely and always come away feeling physically and emotionally rejuvenated. I am extremely grateful to Jen and could not recommend her highly enough!"

Chrissie D., Abingdon

“Even though I’ve moved to London now, I haven’t found another therapist to match Jen so save my massages for when I come back to Abingdon. She’s always so thorough and considerate, varying pressure and focusing on particular tricky spots according to my needs. My whole body feels like it’s had a reboot by the time Jen’s done- like it’s been put back together again. I couldn’t be without her now! She’s my therapy! ”

Clara S., London